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Willing to conquer the stage and put into practice the resources learned during their acting classes, students of the sixth semester of the Technical level in Theater Art staged the play “Aviones”, the afternoon of Tuesday at Casa Haas.

New actors Jorge Chavarín and Ari Cázarez developed the story and worked on the set design and lighting while they were evaluated by the playwright and theater art director Manolo Díaz.

“Airplanes” is the preamble to what they will experience on their graduation night, and tells the story of three brothers who are trapped in limbo and are looking for a way to get out of there and deal with the problems they leave behind.

On this occasion, the artists accompanied their performance with a simple set design: a construction scaffold and a set with different televisions.

In this story Jorge Chavarín played “Wilfrido”; Ari to “Wenceslao” and Professor Manolo Díaz was the older brother “Gumaro”.

The play was a challenge on a personal level and demanded a great stage job from the actors since there were non-linear temporalities, reality, limbo and provided interesting scenes.

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